Taurus International Group

A new partner in industrial services

Enhancing productivity for customers has been the purpose of the Taurus companies for decades. Taurus Industrial Group is the new name bringing together familiar service providers with an outstanding combination of people and knowhow that can safely deliver high-performance solutions to operators in the ever-growing industrial landscape. From engineering to installation, Taurus provides top quality professional services for electrical and power systems, automation and control instrumentation, civil and mechanical projects, rotating and reciprocating equipment maintenance, and plant turnarounds.

With principal offices in Houston, Texas, and localized service facilities in Corpus Christi, Port Lavaca, Freeport, Deer Park, Orange, Baton Rouge and Decatur, Illinois, Taurus covers the US Gulf Coast and Midwest with capability, reliability and strength.

Our businesses

Electrical &Instrumentation

Electrical & Instrumentation
Wolfenson Electric Inc.


Engineering &Automation

Engineering & Automation
Testengeer Incorporated

Civil &Mechanical

Civil & Mechanical
McGill Maintenance & Fabrication

Civil Mechanical Inc.

Turnaround &Soft Craft

Turnaround & Soft Craft

Skyline Technologies Inc.